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Lab Director

David Quintero, Ph.D.

Dr. Quintero is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at San Francisco State University investigating the design and control strategies of wearable robotic systems by merging engineering and medicine in producing multidisciplinary research approaches. The overall goal of his lab group is to provide natural, stable biomechanical movement for amputees using a powered prosthesis, which is lacking from conventional passive prostheses. Furthermore, his group is performing research in developing powered exoskeletons for humans who suffer from motor control disorder such as a stroke, and assist their body movement to be able to achieve daily tasks.

Dr. Quintero received his B.S. degree from Texas A&M University, the M.S. degree from Stanford University, and the Ph.D. degree from University of Texas at Dallas all in mechanical engineering. He has 10+ years' in industry as a robotics and controls engineer within the Healthcare, Automotive, and Defense sectors. His experiences has shaped him to mentor students in evaluating challenging problems and provide unique, multidisciplinary engineering solutions. When not in the lab or classroom, he enjoys community volunteering, playing fútbol, and improve his surfing skills!

Research Students​​
  • Kevin Diaz, B.S. in CompEngr 

  • Jarren Berdal, B.S. & M.S. in ME 

  • Lauren Gan, B.S. in ME

  • Jocelynn Nazarit, B.S. in ME

  • Oscar Vazquez, B.S. in ME

  • Jazzy Sehgal, B.S. in EE

  • Orlando Huse, B.S. in ME

  • Anthony Sebbo, B.S. in ME

  • Lakshmi Jeevagan, M.S. in EE

  • Kunal Verma, M.S. in EE

  • Ryan Hartnett, B.S. in ME

  • Jonas Moreno, Tamalpais HS

  • Diya Bengani, Homestead HS 

Lab Alumni
  • Noah Stoffel, B.S. in ME

  • Jessica Guerrero, B.S. in ME

  • Roberto Emanuel Ruiz, B.S. in ME

  • Sebastian Perico, B.S. in ME

  • Jaeden Monsada, B.S. in ME

  • Ricardo Manzenes-Diaz, B.S. in AeroEngr

  • Nicholas Dalton, B.S. in ME (at UC-Berkeley)

  • Saumek Upadhyay, M.S. in Electrical Engr at SFSU

  • Mia Huang, M.S. in Kinesiology

  • Armando Corbian, B.S. in EE

  • Celeste Wong, B.S. in EE

  • Rodrigo Aceves, B.S. & M.S. in EE (Texas Instruments)

  • Baris Aslan, M.S. in EECS (Arista Networks)

  • Silverio Lopez, B.S. in ME (Earlens Corp)

  • Nicolas Pesci, B.S. in ME (Colorado School of Mines Grad Program)

  • Matthew Haupmann, B.S. in EE (at Sandia National Labs)

  • Ananda Aw, BS. in EE (at Granite River Labs)

  • Joey Menicucci, B.S. in ME (at Varian Medical Systems)

  • Kirsten Housen, B.S. in BME (at Pomona College/Washington University)

  • Anton Rozhkov, B.S. in ME (at SJSU MSME)

  • George Selly, B.S. in EE (at Abbott)

  • Ajay Moturi, H.S. student (at Bellarmine College Preparatory)

  • Karnveer Gill, B.S. in EE (Junior Robotics Engineer at Greensea Systems)

  • Nick Morales, B.S. in EE, (at Acies Engineering)

  • Richard Lile, B.S. in ME, (at Tesla)

  • Ezrael Long, B.S. in ME, (at Vyaire Medical)

  • Kevin Darmawangsa, M.S. in ME (at Stanford University)

  • Jessica Quiroz, B.S. in ME (at Stanford University) 

  • Amelia Bowline, B.S. in EE (at CSU IAC)

  • Tasha Moorjani, Honors in Computer Science (at The Harker School in California)

  • Sophia Romeu, B.S. in ME

  • Pemba Sherpa, B.S. in ME (Genesis10)

  • Jennifer Stewart, B.S. in ME (Benchmark)

  • Sara Mesgun, B.S. in ME (SAE Mechanical Lead)

  • Brian Mineart, B.S. in ME (at Northeastern University Grad Robotics Program)

  • Luis Lee, B.S. in ME

  • Daniel Perez, B.S. in ME (SHPE Officer & Rapid Prototype Lab Superuser)

  • Abdulah Rashidi, B.S. in ME (Rapid Prototype Lab President)

  • Neal Border, B.S. in ME (at Tesla)

  • Aaron Bryant, B.S. in ME (Rapid Prototype Lab Superuser)

  • Zack Dema-ala, B.S. in ME (ASME Treasurer)

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