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Want to join CARE Lab?

The mission of our lab group is to design and control cutting-edge powered prostheses and exoskeletons for people with limited mobility.  If you are interested joining our diverse and amazing group, please read below.  The criteria is based on my own mentorship experience working with a large number of students, determining the qualities for success in the student and their project.

  • Do you have tools in your toolbox (brain) and willing to add to it? We are always looking for motivated students to join our lab and work on important robotic research projects.  Projects we have ongoing require mechanical, electrical, and software engineering skills as well as knowledge area in kinesiology/biomechanics/motor control, prosthetics/orthotics, and material science/chemistry.  Below are skills students should have a strong knowledge to do well on our projects. 

    • Mechanical/Bioengineering Skills​​                         

      • Mechanical CAD Design

      • MATLAB/Python/C/C++

      • Dynamic/Kinematic Simulation Modeling and System Analysis

      • Control Systems Theory

      • Motor, Actuator and Gear Transmissions design

      • Rapid Prototyping, Machine Shop, and Manufacturing processes

      • Finite Element Methods/Stress Analysis

      • Biomechanics and Motion Capture Analysis (e.g., Vicon) with Human Subject Experiments

    • Electrical/Computer Science Skills

      • Digital/Analog Circuit Design & Schematics

      • MATLAB/Python/C/C++

      • Machine/Deep Learning and Optimization

      • Communication Protocols; Serial/SPI/CAN

      • Microcontroller; Arduino/LabView/dSPACE

      • Motor theory and Motor Driver Experience

      • Battery Usage and Battery Management System​

  • Being accountable:  Can myself and students that you may be working with in the lab rely on you to get things done on a consistent week by week basis?  Starting a project is the easy part, but finishing is what matters!

  • Time commitment:  Can you commit a minimum of 8-10 hours per week?  I've worked with good students that commit less time and it never works out with finishing their semester project.  Research takes patience, but more importantly time.

  • Being stealth, self-independent:  With research, you can get stuck and have setbacks.  Do you have it in you to keep trying and trying until you figure it out?

  • Being empathetic:  Our lab and its members are open to people of all backgrounds, color, and gender.  We not just welcome, but encourage diversity and inclusion in my lab.  This includes having research students of varying race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability status, and socioeconomic background.  Therefore, we provide a friendly atmosphere and get along well with each other. This type of environment translates to both individual and group success. 

Life outside the lab

In the lab we work hard, but we work play hard too!!  It's a family environment, so we hold events outside of lab time for team building and more importantly taking a break from the research grind.

Contact CARE Lab

If the above information meets your enthusiasm and resilience to help with our mission to improve mobility for the disabled population, then please complete the questions below and send me an email at with your attached Curriculum Vitae.

Thanks for submitting!

Do you need a reference or recommendation letter?

If you are reaching out for a reference or recommendation letter from me, where I can only assume you've done very well in my class as a student and/or had a strong impact on a research project within our lab.  If so, please email me at with the following information upon your request.

  • Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • A brief paragraph of achievements you conducted within my class and/or research lab.

  • A brief paragraph about your interest in the graduate program as well as future career interests.

  • A brief paragraph of extracurricular activities you are involved in, such as student societies and the role you've played.

  • Application Deadline (I need advance notice 4-6 weeks out)

  • Instructions for how to submit the recommendation letter.

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